Fertility Donor Solutions is the first complete ART Bank in Delhi proving services to infertile couples like Donor Oocytes, Surrogacy services and Donor Sperms. We act as an ART Bank to provide solutions to IVF Clinics and we follow the ethical and mandatory guidelines by ICMR.

With the increasing requirements of donor gametes and surrogates we entered with a vision of transparent, ethical and organized work. At Fertility Donor Solutions, we maintain complete tests records of Oocyte, Sperm donors and Surrogate mothers; with that donor confidentiality is maintained at our place. Selection of donors starts with choosing donor based on appearance, education and medical history after that donors are screened for required tests and later on according to the reports final selection is done and a specific code is given to that donor. Only after getting the code, donor is allowed to donate or undergo any procedure.

We are dedicated to work in benefit of poor people who are helping infertile couples in achieving their dreams; encouraging share is given to these people so that they can utilize money for their highest necessities. We make sure that no donor will donate gametes above the mentioned guidelines of National and International societies.

Fertility Donor Solutions, FDS delhi is one such organization that has extended a helping hand to the families and couples who are unable to achieve pregnancy through natural phenomenon. The organization is working hard towards providing surrogate mothers, sperm donors and egg donors to the intended couples. It is the ART bank that follows all the ethics and mandatory guidelines provided by ICMR. Our work of providing all the donors at the same place has reduced the wastage of time and energy for choosing diverse services.