What is IVF?
IVF stands for in vitro fertilization wherever in vitro interprets to in glass; it’s a method during which the egg and therefore the gamete are impregnated outside the body of the feminine. This procedure is employed to assist with fertility or stop genetic issues and assist to conceive a baby. the method involves watching the women’s ovulatory process, extracting associate egg cell or ova from the ovaries so belongings it fertilize with the sperms at a laboratory. The creature is then planted back within the women’s womb.

Am I a candidate for IVF?
A number of things confirm if a patient is appropriate for IVF. These are:

Low gamete counts
Problems with the womb or fallopian tubes
Ovulation disorders
Sperm unable to penetrate or survive within the cervical secretion
Other health or unexplained procreative problems

What are the success rates of IVF?
The success rate of IVF suggests that the share of procedures turning into favorable outcomes. it’s dependents upon a range of things like the maternal age, reason behind physiological state, embryo standing, procreative history and way factors. Maternal age plays a awfully vital role; younger candidates are additional probably to urge pregnant and ladies older than forty one years are probably to urge pregnant with a donor egg. The success rates of IVF have augmented with technological advancement.

What are the complications of IVF?
The complications once associate IVF are often multiple births, premature delivery and low birth weight, sex gland hyper stimulation syndrome that ends up in swollen and painful ovaries.

Are there any Birth defects in kids born exploitation IVF?.
There are no are not associate aren’t associate specific birth defects once an IVF delivery; it works kind of like an unassisted gestation.

What are the dos and don’ts once IVF?
After IVF take a diet, avoid stress and stay calm, take the medicines prescribed by doctor strictly, avoid rigorous exercise, gender, and extreme temperatures. don’t take excessive bed rest however though’ cut back physical activity.

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