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Based on 8 + years of experience we have set these criteria for Intended Parents which must be match to hire a surrogate and start the Surrogacy registration process.

Rules for the Intended parents for Surrogacy
1- The couple or single parent and the Surrogate mother will have entered into a legal surrogacy agreement.
2- Surrogacy will be only considered for those couple or single parent who are unable or disable to carry a pregnancy having any medical problems.
3- Intended parents should be registered with the ART bank and may get the Surrogate through the ART Bank only.
4- The Intended parents will be legally bound to accept the delivered baby irrespective of any abnormality of the child or due to gender of the Child and terminating this lead will be acted as offence.
5- The surrogate mother will not act as Oocyte donor for the same procedure also.
6- The birth certificate of a child born through the use of assisted reproductive technology shall contain the name or names of the parent or parents, as the case may be, who sought such use.

Who need Surrogate Mother?

Surrogacy is advised to the childless couples due to inability of Mother as

• Could not conceive or carry a child due to any medical or other issues.
• Women whose ovaries are producing eggs but they do not have uterus.
• A woman whose uterus is malformed or damaged.
• Woman who have repeated miscarriage or repeated IVF failure.
• Woman suffering from diabetes, heart, Kidney, Rh Incompatibility or no functioning ovaries.
• Woman, who is at risk of passing a genetic disease to her offspring, may also opt for traditional surrogacy.

Selection of Surrogate:-

Counseling session:-
All Intended parents should fill the Need surrogate form and then we will assign a special time for them to counsel them and give consultation for the whole procedure. They need to meet at our office in Uttam Nagar or we can send our one of best representative to the place decide mutually. During our meeting we will discuss about the donor selection/Surrogate selection, legal procedures involved in the procedure and the cost of the procedure as per our different packages.

Legal contract with Fertility Donor Solutions.
After your consultation and agreed to the procedure and price, you will sign a legal agreement for the services and price you have agreed for.

For International Intended Parents:-
We ensure you that we have researched with our team about the law and legal policies of each country from where our Intended parent are from so we take special care to match and complete the procedure and paper work accordingly.

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