Egg donation  involves a lady who donates eggs for assisted reproduction of another woman. For this purpose, egg donation typically occurs through in IVF, with the eggs being fertilized within the lab; or through natural IVF cycle. Egg donation may be a third-party reproduction method of assisted reproductive technology (ART). the primary child born from egg donation was in Australia, 1983. Before, infertile couples resorted to adoption to satisfy their parenthood dreams. With the advancement in IVF and egg donation procedures, egg donation has become a standard practice.

With the event of donor egg IVF process in India, the donor’s eggs are now extracted from the donor’s ovaries and fertilized within the laboratory, almost like the IVF process, but the fully-developed embryo is inserted within the intended mother’s ovaries rather than the lady who donated her eggs. With the assistance of those donor eggs, the intended parents achieve the golden opportunity to become pregnant and provides birth to their own biological child. The egg donor IVF process in India is typically performed through 2 methods – Egg Donor or Natural IVF cycle


In this method, the egg donor woman is given fertility drugs for ovary stimulation to supply variety of eggs. Once the eggs turn mature, the eggs are extracted and fertilized during a laboratory dish. Egg culturing is followed for 2-3 days within the laboratory. One embryo culturing is done; the healthiest and best suited embryos are chosen and inserted into the intended woman’s uterus for achieving high pregnancy rates.


Natural IVF treatment in India is sort of almost like the normal IVF treatment. the most advantage of natural IVF treatment is that it doesn’t involve usage of fertility drugs wont to ovary stimulation to supply eggs. because it doesn’t involve medications, just one egg are often produced per cycle. The success rate of Natural IVF treatment in India provides lower pregnancy success rates as compared to stimulated IVF cycle.


Screening for the acceptable Egg Donor.

Consent between the Egg Donor and therefore the Intended Parents.

Matching the cycle of the intended parent with the egg donor.

Stimulation of ovaries.

Egg retrieval.

Fertilization to make embryos.

Embryo Transfer into the Intended Parents


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Follow Up After Egg Retreival

The doctors at IVF Centre take every step to make sure that both donors are well cared for at every step of the egg donation process. In addition to frequent monitoring and checkups during the synchronization and stimulation procedures, you are also taken care of after the egg collection.

Egg Donor Preparation

Medical and Psychological Evaluation
This is the initial stage when you are thinking of becoming an egg donor. To move further you are required to contact the clinic with whom you have decided to do egg donation. Once your application is acceptable then you will have to undergo medical and psychological evaluation. If medical team get satisfied with the reports then you will need to visit the clinic to understand how further tasks will take place.

• Detailed evaluation of her and her family history with genetic history is taken.
• We ask for any major diseases, any illness, any surgery, her obstetrics history (i.e about her deliveries and mode of it, any complication.
• Her habits like dietary habits, any habit of smoking or alcohol.
• Her personal hygiene etc.

In examination we evaluate her for physical characteristics
• Her appearance
• Skin colour
• Colour of eyes
• Hair colour
• Hair type
• Nutritional status
• Her personal hygiene
• Economical status
• Family background
• Economical Status of her husband etc.
• Her habits
• Educational status

Once she qualifies all these criteria, we involve her husband and if needed her family members too. We explain them the whole procedure. We do her ultrasound examination for pelvic organs. Then we try to improve her nutritional status. We prescribe hematinics and multivitamins to her.

It will be necessary for the egg donor to undergo a through medical examination. This includes:
• A pelvic exam.
• Blood draw to check hormone levels and to test for infectious diseases, and
• An ultrasound to examine her ovaries, uterus and other pelvic organs.

In addition, she will be referred to a psychologist who will evaluate if the donor is mentally prepared to undertake and complete the process. These evaluations are necessary to ensure that the egg donor is fully prepared and capable of completing an egg donation cycle, safely and successfully. These evaluations will be done at no cost to the donor.

Blood tests and Genetic tests to be performed on donor
Following blood tests are performed on a donor:
• Mantoux test
• VDRL (Venereal Decease Research Laboratory)
• TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, thyroid function test)
• CBC (complete blood count)
• Blood Group and Rh Typing
• HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
• HBsAg
• RBS (Random Blood Sugar)
• HCV (Hepatitis C Virus)

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